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ArcadeOS+ Screenshot
ArcadeOS+ 1.1 "confetti" with dC Artwork in 320x240 Arcade Screen Mode

ArcadeOS+ features
ArcadeOS+ 2.0 is based on AOS 2.52 by Brian Lewis and Anthony Saxton. The most important thing that has been modified is AOS' possibility to handle around 3000 game roms, over 6000 are supported now. Besides some minor changes the most important feature is the confetti :)
When i stumbled over Brian's "x-mass" code, I decided that adding some sort of animated confetti raining down would give a much more vivid overall picture. So here they are, 75 flakes in three layers of y-movement with randomized x-movement speed and colors.
Also added were some nice new sound effects, replacing the old ones which were really distorted. Now you get the HANG ON theme when launching AOS, the "Action" from Time Crisis when starting a game etc.

Why DOS !?
When running an arcade machine with dEfCADE and with DOS as operating system, you will never have to care about shutting down the machine properly, scandisk, bootup time, self destructive registry and sh*t like that which is typical for Windoze. The machine still behaves like a real arcade cabinet, you can switch if off or pull the plug whenever you want, even during the boot process.
Your machine will boot within a few seconds (around 4 seconds for my machine)...under Windoze you would have to wait for around one minute !

Note :
If you are running AOS from a batch and need to get rid of the "instant Screensaver" bug caused by the keyboard buffer not being empty, you have to execute the command "echo n|choice" in the batch before executing ArcadeOS. Download the dEfTOOLs or get the dEfCADE b00tCD iSO.
Click here to download ArcadeOS+ version 2.0

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